Ditch Your Day Job: How to Retire Early with Rental Income

Want to reach financial independence & retire young using rental properties?


Our brand new free course is open for one week, from 10/16-10/23!

We’re Obsessed with Passive Income & FIRE (Financial Independence, Retiring Early).

Want to join us?

On Wednesday Oct. 16 we’re launching our brand new free course! With 8 short, “snackable” videos (~10 minutes apiece), we’ll keep it fast-paced and punchy. Reserve your seat, it’s only open for one week!

Specifically, we’ll go over:

  • Why Rentals Are the Perfect Vehicle for Passive Income: The math and advantages behind reaching financial independence with rental income.
  • Using Leverage for Speed: How to accelerate your results using other people’s money, and the math behind leverage for FIRE.
  • Predictability: Why rental properties are the world’s most predictable investments, and how that helps you with FIRE.
  • “Forever Income”: How rental income grows over time, rather than diminishing like equities do under a “safe withdrawal rate” strategy.

Deni Supplee

Property Manager, Real Estate Agent, Landlord, Mom

G. Brian Davis

Real Estate Investor, Landlord, Personal Finance Writer, Digital Nomad

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