Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals

Want to retire young using rental properties?

Join us for a frank discussion of how to reach FIRE (financial independence/retiring early) using real estate

Deni Supplee

Property Manager, Real Estate Agent, Landlord, Mom

G. Brian Davis

Real Estate Investor, Landlord, Personal Finance Writer, Digital Nomad

Join us with special guest Leif Kristjansen, who retired at 32 with rentals!

We talk about exactly how he did it, and the keys to successfully reaching financial independence within 5 years

We’re Obsessed with Passive Income & FIRE (Financial Independence, Retiring Early).

Want to join our obsession?

We’re joined by Leif Kristjansen, who retired at 32 with rentals. Want to know how he did it?


Specifically, we’ll go over:

  • The Exponential Power of “Less”: The math behind extreme savings rates, “leanFIRE,” and reaching it with rental income.
  • Using Leverage for Speed: How to accelerate your results using other people’s money, and the math behind leverage for FIRE.
  • Predictability: Why rental properties are the world’s most predictable investments, and how that helps you with FIRE.
  • “Forever Income”: How rental income grows over time, rather than diminishing like equities do under a “safe withdrawal rate” strategy.

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