No Repairs or Renters: Earn 15-30% on Passive Real Estate Syndications

Want to reach financial independence & retire early with passive real estate investments?


Learn how to get all of the benefits of real estate investments without becoming a landlord.

We’re Obsessed with Passive Income & FIRE (Financial Independence, Retiring Early).

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Our free masterclass shows you all the basics for group real estate investments. Best of all, this type of investing is 100% passive, and doesn’t require you to work nights and weekends on building a real estate business.

Specifically, we’ll go over:

  • Why Real Estate Syndications Are the Perfect Vehicle for Passive Income: The math and advantages behind reaching financial independence with passive real estate syndications.
  • Infinite Returns: How to accelerate your results using other people’s money, and the math behind leverage for FIRE.
  • Risk Mitigation: How group real estate investments pay 15-30% returns with no higher risk than the stock market.
  • Tax Benefits: How passive real estate investments offer the same tax benefits as rental properties, without all the work and headaches.

Deni Supplee

Property Manager, Real Estate Agent, Landlord, Mom, Grandmom, Frequent Traveler

G. Brian Davis

Real Estate Investor, Personal Finance Writer, Digital Nomad, Expat for 9 Years

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Our Founders Are Every-freakin’-where

Deni Supplee and G. Brian Davis, our quirky and brilliant founders, show up just about everywhere in the world of real estate investing. Every week we appear somewhere in the press or other media appearances such as:

Brian’s Regular Real Estate Columns:

Inman contributor
BiggerPockets contributor

Because we’re real estate investors, not faceless corporate hacks.

Deni and Grandkids
Brian and Millie

Deni Supplee and G. Brian Davis love real estate, passive income, lifestyle design, and teaching.

So we combined all those those together to create SparkRental.

Some people just want the high returns and tax benefits of real estate investments, but don’t want the headaches of becoming a landlord. For them, we created our Co-Investing Club and FIRE from Real Estate program to help them invest passively in real estate syndications.

In fact, Brian’s now one of those passive investors, as he spends most of the year traveling overseas with his wife Katie and daughter Millie.

Other investors want the control of owning individual properties directly. For them, we created free landlord software, free calculators (such as a free rental income calculator and free depreciation calculator), and interactive maps such as the best cities for rentals and real estate heat maps

With enough passive income from real estate, you reach financial independence. You can live off your rents and distributions. And then your day job becomes optional, so you can go save the world or whatever else you’d do if you weren’t chained to a job.

Want to connect? Join us for our weekly live video podcasts on our Facebook page and Youtube channel, and bring your questions, rants, and raves!

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